Cellular Coverage

Mobile phones are an everyday piece of communication equipment. With the features of the New Zealand landscape and geographical spread of our population there are often reasons why you may not have suitable phone coverage at home or work.

Each year we help hundreds of New Zealanders improve their cellular coverage in office buildings, homes, remote locations, or while on the move. We have systems for all the voice networks in New Zealand and can increase coverage and speed for data connections too.

The exact specification will depend on your requirements, location and current situation. We utilise network approved hardware to provide coverage for rural properties, urban homes, commercial buildings, vehicles and boats.

Where to from here?

Please complete our form to provide us with some insight to your situation. We find that in most cases a survey is recommended. During the survey, we will visit the location and test the signal strength and quality, as well as look over the location to assess how the installation might take place and the best products to achieve the required outcome.

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