Our Team

Established in 1997, our services have moved through the years adjusting to market changes, technology and new products. We started out installing car radios, band expanders and car alarms. As mobile phones became the norm, we included hands free car kits, servicing fleets as well as individuals. GPS tracking for vehicles is no longer a spy movie fantasy. We work alongside the best providers of vehicle telematics in NZ, installing systems in some of the biggest fleets in the country.

As our suppliers product ranges have evolved, so has the list of electronics that we supply and install. Vehicle safety has become more apparent for fleets in recent years as health and safety programs have been implemented as well as worksite requirements. Our range of safety accessories can be retro fitted to most vehicles or machines and we often assist in the build or setup of new vehicles.

Mobile phones are now an everyday piece of communication equipment. With the topography and geographical spread of our population unfortunately despite covering about 97% of the population, there are often reasons why you may not have adequate phone coverage at home or work. We utilise network approved hardware to provide coverage solutions for rural properties, urban homes, commercial buildings, vehicles and boats.