Vehicle Safety Accessories

Light bars and beacons

Used as a safety measure when accessing worksites or when working on the roadside to warn other motorists. We have a range of beacons, light bars or warning lights available. We can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Work lights

Ideal for commercial vehicles to provide light when working at night. Illumination for inside vans or on the exterior to light up work areas or for inspection.

Reverse alarms

Used primarily for commercial vehicles, these alarms provide a warning to those in the vicinity that the vehicle is moving backwards. We have a range of options from the traditional “beep beep” units to the more modern broadband (squashed duck) units that actually provide less noise pollution as well as better sound direction.

Daytime Running Lights (DRL)

ou might ask yourself “can’t I just switch on my headlamps?” Dipped beam headlamps are designed to light up the road in front of the vehicle during darkness, whilst causing as little glare as possible to oncoming traffic. During the day, headlamps provide very little as a signal to other road users in bright daylight. Using your Dipped Beam Headlamps during daylight hours has only a marginal added safety effect. DRLs on the other hand are designed to significantly enhance the visibility of your vehicle during daylight hours because precision optics direct all the light towards other road users.

Parking sensors

Don't be another statistic - fit your car or van with a parking sensor kit before it is too late and you scratch, dent or even have an accident in your pride and joy. You might crack a light cluster, pull off the bumper, damage another vehicle or hurt someone. Either way it is going to cost you an arm and leg to repair not to mention the headache and time needed to book your vehicle into your local service centre or garage. We supply and fit a range of OEM quality parking sensors to suit your needs.

Reverse Cameras

Once the domain of large trucks and buses. These are now readily available for cars and vans too. Car manufacturers are now fitting reverse cameras as standard on many new vehicles for both safety and convenience. You too can have these features without having to go out and buy a new car or truck. Benefits of reverse cameras:

  • Safety - check what is directly behind you before reversing.
  • Convenience - squeeze into that tight parking spot that you would have given up before.
  • Ease - Back up to your trailer and position the tow ball directly below the hitch with nobody having to shout directions.
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